March 29, 2016

posted Mar 29, 2016, 3:26 PM by Jai   [ updated Mar 30, 2016, 7:01 AM ]

The Plot to Murder Obama, Donald Trump, and natural born Citizens


For almost 8 years now, I, Paul Guthrie (Jedi Pauly), have been telling the world that Obama is not a natural born Citizen.  During this entire time, I have been subjected to extreme violent religio-monarchic incitement of hatred and death threats against me and my family for my objective and scientific discovery of the true definition and meaning of Article II “natural born Citizen”, which proves that Obama is not a lawful or legitimate President, but is actually by legal definition an Emperor-God-King, a Black Hitler.  These violent religious extremist terrorism death threats and incited violent defamations against me and my family are emanating from Obama, the judges, attorneys, prosecutors, Congress, government employees, and news media.  Obama is a criminally insane religious extremist murderer who has personally threatened my life with execution.  He brags about killing American citizens without due process of law or trial, his favorite method of assassination being by drone attack against anyone whom he personally deems a threat to the security of his unlawful administration.  He has no lawful immunity at all because he is not a “natural born Citizen”, thus his extra-judicial execution of American citizens is nothing but the state approving an insane criminal psychopath usurper, who has overthrown the Constitutional Republic, to murder citizens of the United States.  All those Secret Service agents, FBI and CIA agents, Military persons, Congress persons, and judges who support Obama, and maintain him in power against the Constitution, are guilty as co-conspirators in these murders, and in the death threats and violent extremist religio-political terrorism against me and against natural born Citizens in general. 

On Friday, March 18, 2016, for the first time in U.S. history at the State level, the scientific objective proof of my allegations was entered into the court record in THE MADISON COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTS in Madison County, Indiana.  [See MOTION TO QUASH SUMMONS FOR JURY DUTY posted at .] 

On that same day, I carried several letters and copies of my book, Demonic Positivism versus the Science of “natural born Citizen”, to the judges of the Madison County Superior Courts, to five of the federal judges in the 7th Judicial Circuit Southern District in Indianapolis, to the U.S. Marshals Office with a forwarding to the FBI, and to the Secret Service, putting all of them on legal notice that they are all potential suspects as co-conspirators in a potential plot to murder Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump, and natural born Citizens, in order to prevent a bona fide natural born Citizen (Mr. Trump) from attaining the Office of President, so as to prevent government employees from being exposed as complicit seditious traitors to their country. [See the letters to the aforementioned list of persons posted at .] 

Then later that same day, I was visited at home by a Secret Service agent.  The Secret Service seemed predisposed to consider me a person with mental health issues, and predisposed to paint me as a racist, since a great many of the questions in that initial visit were for evaluating that.  In reality, it is the Secret Service and the rest of the government employees who are the criminally insane racists, because the only reason they support Obama in power and call him “President” is because he is Black, not because he is a “natural born Citizen” as required under the Constitution in Article II.  Thus the Secret Service, by maintaining a non-natural born Citizen in the Office of President against the Constitution based upon the color of his skin, are the ones inciting Black-on-White hatred and are inciting violence against natural born Citizens, perpetrated via false front agitator groups such as,, and, funded by George Soros to destabilize the nation.  This situation has set up Mr. Obama to be assassinated by those criminal elements that are behind his unlawful maintenance in Office, for the reason of shutting Obama’s mouth so that he cannot finger his co-conspirators. 

Also, at the same time that the Secret Service is maintaining an unlawful usurper in the Office, an act of civil war against the American people, they are supposedly also ‘protecting’ Mr. Trump in his bid to take back our country and restore the Constitutional Republic --which has been overthrown with the Secret Service’s complicity.  Thus the Secret Service is at a duplicitous war with itself, with the Constitution, with the rule of law, and with the American people.  The Secret Service has been set up, by George Soros, and by the Democratic and Republican Parties which are currently acting as violent religious extremist hate groups, to be the ones to take the blame for the incitement of hatred against, and the murder of, Mr. Trump, for the purpose of preventing a bona fide natural born Citizen from attaining the Office of President, as that would expose all of these criminal actors for their crimes of High Treason.  Thus it is now exposed that it is the Congress and the Democrat and Republican parties, using the Secret Service, who are the racist haters of Whitey and of natural born Citizens, and who are the ones engaged in inciting hate groups to commit violence at the political rallies of Mr. Trump and set him up to be murdered in order to prevent him from lawfully exercising his political right in the United States to become the next President. 

I gave the Secret Service the MOTION which proves my allegations, and I gave them a letter that I had sent to Mr. Trump’s campaign managers.  [See letter to Mr. Trump posted at .]  These two documents explain the entire situation and are conclusive scientific objective proof of my claims.  Now the government knows the truth.  What are they going to do about it?  Are they going to deny it and continue to commit more crimes, and try to cover this up, indicting themselves and digging themselves in deeper, like they have been doing for the last 8 years whenever I have come forward with the truth?  Or are they going to now get themselves under the Constitution in order to obtain proper governmental immunity, and do their jobs to arrest Obama and those responsible for these horrendous crimes? 

We are in a declared war, but the Secret Service, DoJ, FBI, Marshals Office, Congress, Judges, Prosecutors, Military, News Media, etc., apparently do not comprehend the nature of the war that we are in.  The war is a war of science and law versus violent religious extremist political ideology.  These actors mentioned do not realize that THEY are the ones who have been brainwashed into being the violent religious extremists waging warfare upon the Constitutional Republic and upon natural born Citizens, due to their violent religious opinion that Obama is a “President”, which is a lie of Biblical proportions.  This violent religious indoctrination of the U.S. government employee takes the form of injecting the false meme into the minds of everyone via the two false words “President Obama” being broadcast over and over again in the popular press as fascist brainwashing and cult indoctrination.  That is the violent lie injected into the subconscious mind of government employees and into the minds of the public, which is the basis of the fascist mind control causing the government employee to act violently against the rights of natural born Citizens, with extreme religious prejudice and bigotry towards innocent natural born Citizens complaining that Obama is not a lawful or legitimate President because he is not a natural born Citizen, which is a scientific position, not a religious opinion. 

The Secret Service wanted to know if I am a physical threat to Obama.  I am not the physical threat.  I wanted to tell them that the only threat I represent is that of science and the rule of law, which is a threat to any criminal or violent religious terrorist.  The pen is mightier than the sword, and civilized men of peace duke out their battles in the court room with science, reason, and law, not with guns and bullets.  The United States government obviously thinks that one has to fight religion with bombs and bullets.  Bombs and bullets are not even the right weapon to use against violent religious extremist political ideology, and when used, will only breed more violent religious extremism backlash.  But the government employees appear to be imbeciles who do not realize these facts of life.  They do not realize that you must fight violent religious extremism with SCIENCE and EDUCATION to cure the disease of ignorance.  That is what my MOTION TO QUASH SUMMONS FOR JURY DUTY does, and my science book Demonic Positivism versus the Science of “natural born Citizen” does, for those who are intelligent enough to read the words and comprehend the science. 

The federal government and the U.S. military are not actually fighting against radical violent religious political ideology.  Instead, they are fighting against the Constitution and against natural born Citizens, to enslave them under violent religio-monarchic political ideology.  The proof is very simple and obvious to see.  By declaring and maintaining that Obama is a “natural born Citizen”, which is a false religious point of view, the Military (DoD), Congress, DoJ, FBI, and attorney judges have taken it upon themselves to redefine natural born Citizen to mean an offspring of a non-citizen father who is born to a U.S. citizen mother.  Therefore, this illegal and unlawful re-definition, contrary to the proper definition and meaning of natural born Citizen as being the offspring of a U.S. citizen father from a State of the Union, now permits any male ISIS Muslim terrorist to assemble a harem of U.S. citizen females to impregnate in order that the offspring can be born in a Muslim country (or even in the U.S.) to a Muslim terrorist non-U.S. citizen father and a U.S. citizen mother, and claim to be an Article II “natural born Citizen” and be allowed to become U.S. President!  Now we see one of the real reasons why Obama has been installed and maintained as a fraudulent ‘President’.  It is so the immigration and naturalization routes can be opened up to permit Muslim radical religious extremists into the country as false natural born Citizens, so that they can take over the Office of President and throw down the Constitutional Republic, and erect a caliphate dictatorship in its place, which has actually already happened with Obama.  Way to go, government employees!  Such a good job you’ve (not) done protecting America from radical Islam and protecting the nation’s scientists from violent religio-monarchic terrorist persecution.  Now we can all see who the real terrorists are, and it is the government employees in every branch of government and in the DoD. 

Now you had all better hope and pray that Mr. Cruz or some other non-natural born Citizen does not get into Office, because especially after all this notice of the facts, you will all be implicated, indicted, and prosecuted for your complicit role in a seditious conspiracy to foment rebellion and insurrection via Presidential elections for the purpose of overthrowing the United States Constitutional Republic, for the preservation of your own self-interested job status and financial gain.  If you have not acted and continue to ignore these facts, then you will have no immunity and I will not be able to help you defend yourself from going to prison or being executed for High Treason.  It is urgent that right now you must have a scientific epiphany and join with the natural born Citizens in a lawful rebellion against this illegal and unlawful imperial rule, if you all want to stay out of prison.  Do not get mad at me, as I am not to blame.  I am merely the messenger; and your potential savior if you now change your behavior to act in the interest of your nation.  This crisis you are having now is because Congress failed to have a crisis when the elections in 2008/9 failed to produce a valid candidate for the Office, which they just criminally swept under the rug, even after I put them and the courts on notice of the crisis on January 14, 2013.  Because they did not follow the Constitution and law, now the crisis has fallen upon the Executive and Judicial branches.  You all have no one to blame but Congress and yourselves, as you have all been failures as citizens in your duty to know what a natural born Citizen is.  Your own failure as a citizen, to understand the basics of civics and the basis of a republic, has brought this crisis upon you.


Paul A. Guthrie

Physical Scientist (Applied Physics and Mathematics), Political Scientist, Legal and Political Analyst, Constitutional Expert and Scholar of Natural Law, Author