April 4, 2014

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To any U.S. Federal or State government employee, Representative, active duty Police or Military person, Federal Judge or State Judge, or Attorney:

This letter serves to put you on legal notice that you now have certain fiduciary responsibilities to perform if you wish to avoid criminal and civil prosecution.  Due to extreme gross negligence and extreme gross lawlessness on the part of Obama and the Congress, you are now in danger of facing an angry public without your governmental immunity intact.  This has happened to you as a result of a criminal cover-up by the Obama administration and his crony criminal judges in the Seventh Judicial Circuit which has prevented you from receiving vital knowledge and information which you are entitled to, information that is being purposefully withheld from you for evil purposes.

For the first time in U.S. history, the correct meaning and definition of Article II "natural born Citizen" has been entered into the Court records in the Seventh Judicial Circuit in Indianapolis. [See the case Guthrie v. United States, both cases 1:13 -cv- 0080 JMS-DKL and 1:13 -cv- 0234 SEB-DKL].  You are hereby PUT ON NOTICE that Obama is not an Article II natural born Citizen of the United States and he does not qualify for the Office of President.

The proof of the definition and meaning was found by the Supreme Court of the United States in 2001 in the case Nguyen v. INS, 533 U.S. 53 (2001).  The relevant code wherein the Natural Law definition and meaning is codified is 8 USC § 1409.  The prohibition against adopted citizens of the United States from being President, i.e., those who are granted a bestowed privilege of citizenship, is declared in the U.S. Constitution in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, and also declared in Bouvier's Dictionary of American Law (6th revised edition 1856), under the definition entry "naturalized citizen" which states that naturalized citizens have all of the same rights as natural born Citizens except the right to be President or Vice President.

Obama was born an alien, regardless of his place of birth or citizen mother, and he is at best only a naturalized citizen due to being the offspring of a non-citizen father and thus he does not qualify for the Office of President.  A natural born Citizen of the U.S. is not born under the jurisdiction of the United States for citizenship purposes, even if born within the territory of the United States.  A natural born Citizen is simply born under the natural jurisdiction of a citizen father, who must simply claim and report his offspring within 18 years of the time of the birth of his offspring in order to secure the nbC status.

For the entire time of Obama's candidacy and his occupation of the Presidency, Obama himself has all along been admitting that he is not qualified by his insistent and consistent testimony that he was born in Hawaii to a citizen mother and non-citizen Kenyan father.  It is just apparently the case that no one but Guthrie knew how "natural born Citizen" is defined, because the knowledge of law was apparently lost to the society until the political scientist Guthrie re-discovered the law and was compelled by his civic duty to file his first case on January 14, 2013.

The Supreme Court in 2001, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bouvier Law Dictionary all confirm that Obama is not a natural born Citizen, because of the simple natural facts that only females give birth to offspring and males do not, a fundamental law of Nature, or, in other words, natural born Citizen status is defined according to Natural Law, not according to U.S. Positive Law.

The Supreme Court in Nguyen v. INS held that, because females give birth to offspring, only female citizens can rely upon witnesses at the time of the birth of their offspring in order to prove who the mother is, so female citizens do not have to claim and report their offspring in order to secure a privilege of political rights in the mother's society, others can just secure the rights for the offspring by their testimony.  However, males are naturally politically different.  Males are at a natural disadvantage when it comes to proving who their offspring are, as they cannot rely upon witness testimony, and thus only males are required, under both Natural Law and under U.S. Positive Law, to claim their offspring and report the fact of the birth to the society of the father, if the father wishes to secure any natural political rights for the offspring within the father's society, a fundamental fact of Nature and natural reality.  It is only in the last few decades that mankind has invented reliable DNA tests, tests which permit males to be able to rely upon this witness testimony in order to prove who their offspring are, for the purpose of securing political rights, but there still is no natural way for a male to prove who his offspring are, because DNA tests are an artificial man-made invention.

This natural required political act that only affects male citizen fathers and their offspring is what defines and secures natural born Citizen STATUS and explains why the Declaration of Independence states that in order to secure natural political rights, government are instituted among "Men", a specific noun actually meaning specifically males.  Reference the Title 8 U.S. codes which govern citizenship to the offspring of unwed citizen parents when only one parent is a U.S. citizen, [8 USC § 1409] and reference the Supreme Court case of Nguyen v. INS 533 U.S. 53 (2001), which found that U.S. law only bestows the offspring of citizen mothers with an automatic grant of citizenship but citizen fathers do not get an automatic bestowed privilege of citizenship for their offspring (a function of positive law).  Instead, the Court found that U.S. citizen fathers must claim and report their offspring (a function of Natural Law), but citizen mothers can just rely upon witnesses (also a function of Natural Law), so the citizenship laws that bestow a privilege of citizenship upon the offspring of citizen mothers, and not upon the offspring of citizen fathers, is not a violation of equal protection because for citizenship purposes, all must simply be subject to Natural Law in order to be "equal".  That is what the Court held in 2001.

Thus natural born Citizen status is just that, a STATUS and not a bestowed privilege of citizenship bestowed at the time of their birth.  Only in a monarchy with a king do we bestow the privilege to be the head political leader of the country upon an offspring at the time of their birth.  The U.S. is not supposed to be a Monarchy religious government with a de facto King Obama, the privileged one, who gets to rely upon birth in Hawaii or upon a citizen mother for a bestowed legal right privilege to be a citizen, and thus a bestowed privilege to be President, bestowed upon Obama at the time of his birth, because he cannot rely upon a natural political act of Nature, i.e., by his citizen father, to just claim and report his offspring Barrack Obama, because Obama is not the offspring of a U.S. citizen father. 

Now you have constructive objective legal knowledge that Obama is not a lawful legitimate "President", and you have constructive objective legal knowledge that crimes are being committed on your watch.  You are now required to report your awareness that criminal political activity is occurring within the United States government to the appropriate authorities if you wish to be immune from future criminal and civil prosecution.  The Republic, as defined by the U.S. Constitution, has been overthrown by the criminal Obama and his criminal gang, and the Republic no longer exists since 2009. 

As a result of these facts which have been established in the public record in a U.S. Court of law since almost one year now, the natural born Citizens of the United States are not bound to recognize or accept any judicial immunity for judges, attorneys, or U.S. government employees who are acting in a criminal fraudulent manner.   All U.S. judges are currently in gross violation of their oaths of office and government employees are now all committing fraudulent misrepresentation and acting in a criminal fraudulent non-official individual capacity that eviscerates any claim of governmental immunity.  This is the injury being caused to the Judicial Branch of government by Obama's illegality, which has effectively overthrown the United States Constitution and rendered the U.S. legal system and judges to be incompetent and without lawful authority. 

As long as Obama or any non-natural born Citizen is occupying the Office of President, there are no courts of competent jurisdiction within the United States, no legitimate due process, and no lawful legitimate Article III judges acting in any official capacity as Article III judges of the Republic under the Constitution.  The Republic no longer exists since 2009 and all federal judges are in severe danger of both criminal and civil prosecution because the natural born Citizens of the United States are no longer duty-bound to recognize claims of judicial or governmental immunity in a government that is no longer representative and therefore not authorized by the People. 

You have been warned.  Failure to take immediate steps to arrest and remove Obama from power, in order to cure this defect in your governmental immunity, could cause you to face severe criminal and civil penalties, including the death penalty for Treason. 

Paul Aaron Guthrie


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