August 16, 2013

posted Aug 25, 2013, 9:58 AM by Jai   [ updated Apr 4, 2014, 12:35 PM ]

The True Definition and Meaning of Article II "natural born Citizen"

Greetings!  For those of you who are just now encountering my research, my name is Paul Guthrie.  I am a political scientist who has discovered the scientific true definition and meaning of the U.S. Constitution’s Article II “natural born Citizen” clause regarding the qualifications for the Office of President of the United States.  I will show you hidden knowledge that can deprogram people from their religious belief that Obama is a lawful President.  I have discovered, based upon Obama’s reported birth in Hawaii to a U.S. citizen mother and non-citizen father, that Obama is, at best, only a “naturalized citizen”, and not a natural born Citizen of the United States, and thus does not qualify for the Office of President.

This discovery is not a matter of my subjective beliefs or opinions.  What I have discovered is objective and self-evident.  Those who would argue against the truth that is presented here are not arguing with Paul Guthrie, but instead are arguing against self-evident natural political Laws of Nature, and against the Creator of Nature, and against human reason, and against the rule of law and the Constitution.  Their arguments are nothing more than political sexist hate crimes of sedition and religious persecution against male U.S. citizens from a State of the United States.

As far as I know, I am the only person in the United States, in over 4 years and 200 eligibility challenges to Obama, who actually understands what a “natural born Citizen” is and has properly informed a federal court judge (two in fact, and also several State judges), in an attempt to remove Obama from Office and hold him accountable for his crimes.  As far as I can tell, every other court case besides Guthrie v. United States (my case) failed to properly expose the fraud of Obama, by failing to comprehend what a “natural born Citizen” is and how it is defined, and thus they failed to inform the courts of the natural facts as a matter of law, and therefore failed to expose the fact that the federal courts are no longer courts of competent jurisdiction which can even hear a case as long as a non-nbC occupies the Office of President.  Therefore, there is no standing possible in any federal court because they are all operating illegally as foreign courts engaged in religious advisory opinions of declaring Obama to be a President without any facts or law to support such a determination, done in order to dismiss cases without having to address the merits of the case, and thereby maintain an unlawful monarchy government with a dictator King that everyone just calls a “President”.  This is the true story of the historic overthrow of the United States Constitution and rule of law in 2009 and 2013 and of what happened to me twice in federal court when I tried to expose this fraud.  Please go to and read the case Guthrie v. United States and the analysis of Judge Barker’s illegal religious opinion ruling that establishes the USA government to be a dictatorship and Religion, in violation of the First Amendment that is supposed to establish a separation between Church and State.

Apparently people nowadays are so incapable of reasoning and rational critical thought that no one realizes that natural born citizen status can only be secured in a non-monarchy form of government (monarchies have “subjects” not citizens) by a male citizen father.  This is just a natural political law of Nature for males due to the reproductive differences between males and females, which requires a male citizen father in a non-monarchy to have to claim his offspring and make a reporting of the birth to his government within 18 years of the birth in order to secure natural born citizen status.  This is verified by the United States Supreme Court in the case Nguyen v. INS 533 U.S. 53 (2001).  If the male father does not claim and report his offspring then no one will even know who the father is.  It turns out that Nature vests the male with the sole sovereign political authority to secure natural born citizen status for his offspring.  It is self-evident that both female citizen mothers and the society cannot create an offspring or attach natural born citizen status without the political permission and consent of a male citizen father.  Only the male citizen father has the sole sovereign political authority, because he does not need the political permission of the state society or the mother in order for the father to claim his offspring and report the birth to his government within 18 years of the birth of the offspring, to secure his child’s natural born citizen status.  This is the only way in which one can secure a natural born citizen status, thus it requires being born to a U.S. citizen father from a State in order to be an Article II “natural born Citizen” who can qualify for the Office of President.

This is not an inequity or unfair to female citizens, because both male and female citizens are equal natural born citizens who can secure natural born citizen status for their offspring; it is just that they do it in different ways.  For the male citizen father, he secures natural born citizen status for his offspring by his choice in what country to be a native citizen of and by the political act of claiming his offspring and reporting the birth to his country.  For the female citizen, she secures natural born citizen status for her offspring by her choice in what male citizen sex partner to marry or produce offspring with, knowing that if the father claims the offspring and reports the fact of the birth to the father’s government, that will secure natural born citizen status in the father’s society.  Otherwise, if the mother cannot rely upon a citizen father to claim and report the offspring (Natural Law), then she will have to rely upon Positive Law legal privileges and the society of the mother will have to adopt her offspring and grant naturalized citizenship status as a legal privilege of citizenship, instead of the natural right of citizenship that is inherited from a citizen father.

The issue is very simple, but the entire country and the world is under a religious spell and brainwashing due to the massive fraudulent propaganda being spewed out by official channels, that is criminal in nature, and by the mainstream corporate/state-controlled news media.  Everyone is conditioned to believe and call Obama “a President” or “the President”, when in fact he is, legally, technically, and definitionally, a King and not a President.  A king is someone who is the head political leader of the country as a function of Positive Law privileges that are bestowed, called a Title of Nobility, a privilege bestowed upon the king which permits him to be the head of state.  The same is true of Obama, because he has been granted the legal privilege to be President as a function of the naturalization codes instead of inheriting that right as a natural right only passed on from a citizen father.  King Obama’s functional Title of Nobility is created by falsely equating “naturalized citizen” with “natural born Citizen”, when the two are actually legally opposite to each other, derived from different sources of authority.

If you are a parent with children and I were to ask you, “Are those your natural born children or are they adopted?” every parent would instantly comprehend the difference.   The same is true of natural born citizen and naturalized citizen.  Thus “natural born” just means the opposite of ADOPTED.  The “naturalized citizens” are the adopted citizens, the ones who are the offspring of non-citizen fathers (born as aliens) that are granted citizenship as a function of Positive Law legal right privileges bestowed based upon the place of birth or from having a citizen mother.  The “natural born Citizen” is not the adopted citizen.  The natural born are the native claimed offspring of citizen fathers, fathers who do not even rely upon legal privileges for their offspring’s RIGHT to be a citizen.  Their children’s right to be a citizen is an endowment that is inherited, not a privilege that is bestowed.  The Constitution prohibits adopted naturalized citizens (those born as aliens who are granted citizenship) from the Office of President, except for a one-time exception at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution for a “Citizen of the United States”, which expired long ago.  It does not matter where you are born or if your mother is a citizen.  If your father is not a U.S. citizen when you are born, then you are born an alien, and must be adopted by the U.S. and granted the privilege of citizenship via your place of birth if it is in the United States territory, or by your mother via statute if she is a U.S. citizen.

Please go to and watch the video “Obama, The King who would be President” which details the facts and evidence of law that proves scientifically and objectively that Obama has been given a functional Title of Nobility by equating “naturalized” (the offspring of a non-citizen father) with “natural born” (the offspring of a citizen father), and thus the Constitution and government has been transformed into a monarchy dictatorship without the consent of the People, by replacing Natural Law Rights with Positive Law privileges, thus creating a monarchy and a King, contrary to the Constitution.  As a result, there is no rule of law or civilian control over the military, no due process in the courts, no recognition of the sovereign political rights of consent of the male citizens, and no representative Congress because they cannot pass any valid laws with a non-nbC in power, so there are no valid representatives or government at all.  All acts since 2009 are null and void, unconstitutional.  We are under a 100% total dictatorship of a foreign occupying power, a government foreign to the Constitution and the People, and have not been under the U.S. Constitution since 2009.

Please visit to educate yourself with my seminar video “Obama, The King who would be President”, and read Guthrie v. U.S. and my analysis of Judge Barker’s criminal religious political ruling.