February 12, 2013

posted Feb 12, 2013, 4:23 PM by Jai   [ updated Apr 4, 2014, 12:24 PM ]


Despite the Treasonous efforts of Obama appointee de facto Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson to derail our legal efforts by unlawfully denying natural born U.S. Citizen Paul Guthrie his right to have his law suit served upon the defendants, a new suit was filed in the 7th District Federal Court in Indianapolis on February 11th, 2013.  (See Press Release Number 2 for details regarding what de facto Judge Jane did.)  We have a new judge who is not an Obama appointee.

Patriotic American citizens who are hearing about this story are stepping up to support Paul Guthrie financially with his suit so that he will be able to get the truth out.  Contributions have totally paid for the first round of filing and serving of the new suit.  American Patriotic citizens realize that our Constitution and form of government, our very freedom and lives, are all at stake and in danger of being lost forever by the precedent that the usurpation of the Office of President by a non-natural born Citizen causes.

The new suit is now being served to the defendants, and by Friday (Feb. 15) the government should have the suit in their hands.  This is a very historic event.  This is the first time since the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified and adopted that anyone has gone into Court in a matter in controversy regarding the eligibility for the Office of President and put the objective self-evident scientific definition and meaning of natural born Citizen before the government, the meaning as it was conceived by those who wrote the Article II natural born Citizen requirements.

Keep in mind that the discovery of The Natural Law Theory of the Father is a scientific discovery and Theory that is irrefutable without changing the Laws of Nature.  This means that the definition is subject to analysis using methods of logic and reason and observation, where no contradictory evidence can be shown to refute the definition.  In order to prove the definition is not correct, one must find an example in Nature that cannot be explained or accounted for by the Theory.  Good luck with that.

There is no case law that any judge can or may rely upon to determine a definition.  The only thing a judge can do is the same thing as I did, which is to use your mind and thinking skills and apply some basic simple principles of law, like the difference between Natural Law and Positive Law, or the difference between natural rights which are not privileges and legal rights which are privileges.  Then one just applies the Title of Nobility provisions which prohibit the Office of President from being a legal privilege of Positive Law, since that would create a king and not a President.

For example, the government's Positive Law Theory cannot explain the function and purpose of the Title of Nobility provisions, and cannot explain how foreign influence would be prevented, and what the Title of Nobility Provisions are even there for, if the offspring of U.S. citizen mothers and foreign fathers can be declared to be natural born Citizens who can be President?  And, if U.S. females can have sex with any male on the planet to make a natural born Citizen who can be U.S. President, then wouldn't that make the country not the United States of America but instead the United Countries of Planet Earth, where the female U.S. citizens are defining the political boundaries and thus there are no boundaries?  How is this fair to the offspring of U.S. State citizen fathers who are bound to their citizenship by the territorial boundaries of the country, who would have to compete with the offspring of all the males on Earth for their own offspring to be President?  If this be so, then the government is saying that the intention of the all-male Legislatures from the States who drafted the Constitution were to secure political rights for the offspring of foreign males and not for their own offspring, which makes no sense at all.

The above logical contradictions, and the unexplained simple observations of Nature, facts, and reality, which come out of the government's Positive Law Theory of Hawaiian birth, or of birth to a U.S. citizen mother and foreign father, cause the Positive Law Theory to go down in flames according to the rules of scientific analysis.  In science, it only takes one contradiction or unexplained observation to realize that a Theory is invalid and must be abandoned or revised.  We have many more than one example above.  The government's Theory has no legs at all.

The same is true for the Unity Theory of requiring both birth on the soil coupled with both parents having to be citizens.  The Unity Theory cannot explain why the citizens of the federal territories and possessions cannot be President or even vote for President, since those born in the federal territories and possessions fit the Unity Theory definition of born on the soil (the 14th Amendment applies to the federal territories and possessions) to parents (plural) who are naturalized U.S. citizens of some federal territory, say Guam, for example.  Furthermore, the Unity Theory definition defeats Article I, Section 9, Clause 8, and Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 (Title of Nobility provisions), and the First Amendment, rendering them void and meaningless with nothing to operate upon in order to prevent a monarchy being established among the citizenry.  These two contradictions and unexplained observations prove by the rules of scientific analysis that the Unity Theory is also wrong.

Only the Natural Law Theory of the Father explains everything with no contradictions.  Thus, in the absence of contradictory evidence or unexplained observations, The Natural Law Theory of the Father is seen to be the correct and true definition of Article II natural born Citizen, and is conclusive objective proof that Obama is not qualified (unless he has a hidden State father tucked away someplace that we all don't know about, which is highly improbable).

It matters not what any Judge rules from this point onward.  The discovered definition is irrefutable.  A judge can refuse to accept the facts and deny reality (should have their mental competency tested then) but a judge cannot alter facts of Nature with a judgment or ruling.  We have won.  Now we are working to have the reality manifest.  Hopefully the new judge will see reason and do her job to uphold the Constitution.  Perhaps we will get lucky and the defendants who read the suit will realize that they are had and it is over, and they will move to arrest and remove Obama.  It could happen.  Let us all pray for success.

For more information and updates please visit jedipauly.com and read Guthrie v United States to learn about The Natural Law Theory of the Father definition of natural born Citizen.  Please help us to save the Constitution and your freedom and form of government.