January 30, 2013

posted Jan 30, 2013, 12:28 PM by Jai   [ updated Apr 4, 2014, 12:24 PM ]



On January 14th, 2013, Guthrie filed a suit in Federal Court alleging that Obama and the Congress have established a de facto monarchy form of government by their illegal conveyance and maintenance of a non-natural born Citizen into the Office of President, which is subjecting Guthrie and all natural born Citizens of the U.S. to unlawful Tyranny.

In his suit, Guthrie warned the Court that natural born Citizens of the United States are being subject to unlawful Tyranny. 

This Tyranny is being caused by what appears to be a criminal racketeering enterprise by those in positions of power within government who are taking advantage of the ignorant masses that are not cognizant of the fact that the definition of natural born Citizen goes by the State citizen father, who must be the one who creates the offspring to be a natural born Citizen.  This means that the Article II qualification for President protects the U.S. citizen from unlawful Tyranny of an unelected king.  Obama was not elected.  He was unlawfully selected, by those who want a de facto king and not a President. 

U.S. voters have no right to call the selection of a de facto king as President to be an election of a President.  This subjects the U.S. natural born Citizen to unlawful Tyranny of the Mob of selectors who worship God-King Obama.  The selectors of a king to be President, those who voted for de facto king Obama, have no more right to subject their fellow citizens to unlawful Tyranny than the Congress, Executive, or Judicial branch has.  Neither the three branches of government, nor the selectors (formally voters), have the right to subject U.S. natural born Citizens to unlawful Tyranny.

Guthrie brought his suit into Court complaining about the unlawful Tyranny that he and other natural born Citizens are being subject to.  He warned the Court to not give his case to an Obama appointee as this would subject Guthrie to unlawful Tyranny.  And what happened?  You guessed it; Guthrie got unlawful Tyranny instead of Due Process of Law.

Guthrie's suit was immediately intercepted by the de facto foreign monarchy government, by one of de facto king Obama's foot soldiers, Obama appointee de facto Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson.  Ms. Magnus-Stinson is not a lawful United States judge, but rather is a member of the judicial Royal privileged class of Obama supporters who have been given unprecedented positions, income, and political rights that they are not lawfully entitled to.

She proceeded to ignore the self-evident facts of Nature that Guthrie pleaded in his petition which show how natural born Citizen is defined by The Natural Law Theory of the Father, proving both that Obama is not a natural born Citizen, and proving that her judgeship is not valid.  She should have recused herself immediately according to the rules and facts presented by Guthrie in his Complaint, and she was required by Title 18 codes to report immediately to law enforcement and Congress that Obama is not qualified to hold Office.  She failed to do these required things.

De facto Judge Magnus-Stinson then falsified both the law and the facts of Guthrie's petition and his status before the Court.  Ms. Magnus-Stinson falsely determined that Guthrie was an incarcerated prisoner, so that she could intercept Guthrie's Complaint under a rules section that only applies to incarcerated prisoners.  She used that false authority to then presume to judge the merits of Guthrie's case, which she did not actually do, and has no right or power to do.  Instead, she committed another fabrication or fraud, in order to dismiss the Complaint.  She stated that Guthrie was suing a sitting President as her justification to dismiss Guthrie's suit before it is even delivered to the defendants, a right that she does not have since Guthrie is not an incarcerated prisoner and never presented himself to the Court as one.

Nowhere in Guthrie's suit is he suing a sitting President.  Guthrie makes it clear in his suit that he is suing a sitting non-President.  There is no law in the U.S. that prevents a natural born Citizen from suing a sitting non-President de facto king to have him removed by the courts, so that the natural born Citizen will have his citizenship status recognized and restored by the government, in order that the natural born Citizen is not being subjected to unlawful Tyranny by the Executive and Legislative branches and by the mob of selector supporters.

So, Guthrie has had nothing but self-serving Tyranny by a self-serving unlawful de facto foot-soldier alleged-judge of the de facto monarchy government of the de facto king Obama, in order to fraudulently maintain herself and Obama in their positions of power for unlawful political and financial gain at the expense of Guthrie's political liberty and freedom.  This is not Due Process of Law.  This is TYRANNY.

Guthrie has now fired back with an Amended Complaint that adds de facto Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson to the suit, being that she loses her immunity when she is not even a valid judge in the first place, and she is now seen to be engaging in what appears to be highly criminal activity.

The Amended Complaint and motions were filed on January 30, 2013 in the 7th Circuit District Court Southern Indiana Division.   The court papers can all be read or downloaded at jedipauly.com.