[The following is not legal advice, but is only the reasoned opinion of Mr. Guthrie, based upon perceptible facts, to suggest avenues of engagement.]

1) The filing of 
Guthrie v United States establishes as a fact of Nature, independent of Judges’ and Kings’ opinions, that Article II natural born Citizen is defined by the Natural Law Theory of the Father.  This means that only U.S. State citizen males can pass on natural born Citizen status to their offspring.  Obama is not a natural born Citizen and therefore occupies the Office as a King and not a President, all because Congress failed to apply the Titles of Nobility prohibitions in order to prevent Obama from being declared a natural born Citizen for purposes of Article II eligibility to be President.

2) As a result of 1 above, this means that 
anyone can now bring their own suit, to take advantage of the proper definition now on record as evidence in the Court.  I will be happy to explain how to do this to anyone who wishes to join me.  (For those who don't want to go this way, please see options 3 and 4 below.)

3) If you do not wish to take on Option 2, then the very least you can do is contact the civil law enforcement authorities.  I would recommend calling the FBI to simply inform them to read 
Guthrie v United States at jedipauly.com, so that they can be put on notice to understand to do their job and go arrest King Obama, and also take notice of the Hate Crimes being perpetrated in the king’s name.

4) Another important thing to do, either in conjunction with doing the above or not, is to contact the news, senators, representatives, sheriffs, judges, friends, or really anybody you think should be made aware of this (and who shouldn’t?), and tell them to read 
Guthrie v United States at jedipauly.com.  Also, please freely Blog and Facebook and Myspace and Twitter about this to make awareness of this go viral over the internet.  This information really need maximum publicity, and the help of those more linked in to social networking.  It is essential to get the truth out to as many as possible.

If you contact a congressional office, insist that they read 
Guthrie v United States, and put them on notice that you will be expecting the senator or representative to move to remove Obama immediately.  Failure to respond to the truth and do his or her duty can open that congressperson to suit, which you or someone else can pursue.

Thank you for taking action on the truth now established !