The Real Revolution - Putting an End to Taxation Without Representation

August 11, 2011



 Jedi Pauly




The forgoing is an analysis of the political, legal, historic situation regarding the current illegitimate United States Government, and the illegitimate unlawful President known as Barack Hussein Obama, which are the results of a fraudulent federal election in 2008.  In this analysis, I will endeavor to describe the specific tangible injury to a specific and limited subset or political "class" of U.S. citizens, an injury that grants this particular class standing in the courts, and what I perceive as the only viable legal strategy or avenue available to successfully obtain a legal remedy that will cause the government to become lawful again, and that can theoretically remove Obama from Office and restore the rights of the People.





The first thing we need to do is to establish an understanding of the different political classes of citizens that exist in the United States.  Contrary to popular opinion, not all citizens of the United States have the same rights, nor are even entitled to the same rights.  Your membership in a particular political class determines what political rights you have as a citizen of the United States.


There are essentially three political classes in the United States, which can be separated into two groups.  Starting with the third class, are those that have the right to be U.S. citizens, but who have no political rights of representation in the federal Congress, nor the political right to be President.  They are the citizens of federal territories and possessions who are "naturalized" U.S. citizens according to U.S. laws governing federally-held territories and possessions.  The second class, are those who are U.S. citizens who have the political right of representation in Congress, but no political right to be President.  They would include recent immigrants to the United States, or anyone who is born or naturalized within a State of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States under the 14th Amendment; in other words, those who are born to a foreign father or foreign parents within a State of the United States.  They are also called "naturalized" citizens.  Then the first class, are those citizens who have both the political right to representation in Congress, and also the political right to be President.  They are the ones born to a U.S citizen father or to U.S. citizen parents who are already State citizens, and therefore are U.S. citizens, at the time of the child's birth.  They are called "natural born Citizens" in the Constitution.  They are the naturally-created indigenous citizens of the U.S. who do not belong to the group of "naturalized" citizens that the first two classes mentioned belong to.  They are the opposite political class group to those who are in the group of "naturalized" citizens.


The three political classes are described in the Constitution and U.S. law, and are given the labels "natural born Citizen", "Citizen of the United States" with an upper case "C", and "citizen of the United States" with a lower case "c".  The legal and historic differences that arise out of these three terms, combined with the legal subject of "equal protection", gives rise to a great deal of confusion among those who believe that all citizens have the same rights, or that a "citizen of the United States" always means the same thing as a "Citizen of the United States".  On the contrary, they do not always mean the same thing.  Equal protection of the laws only applies to each citizen equally for the members of the same political class.  In other words, within your political class, each member is entitled to be treated "equally", but equal protection does not apply across the different political classes because the members of each of the different political classes have different recognized rights from the other classes.  I will now try to clarify this confusion that arises from these three different specific terms referring to citizens.


The basic historic and political legal difference between a "citizen of the United States" and a "Citizen of the United States" has to do with the subject of jurisdiction, Federal or State.  Generally speaking, a "citizen of the United States" (lower case c), as was used in U.S. Codes and Case Law prior to the 14th Amendment (where this term first appears in the U.S. Constitution), describes a federal citizen "subject" of federal jurisdiction, and a "Citizen of the United States" (upper case C) does not.   A "Citizen of the United States" is NOT a federal citizen "subject" of federal jurisdiction.






The U.S. Constitution is an agreement between the original thirteen sovereign states of the union of states and their creation, the federal government.  The use of the capitalization of the word "citizen", as in "natural born Citizen" or "Citizen of the United States", is meant to convey in the Constitution the exclusion of federal citizen "subjects" like citizens from the federal territories or possessions.  The capitalization is meant to inform the reader that the citizens being referred to in the Constitution are a specific subset of the citizens at large; in other words, only the state citizens who are U.S. citizens by virtue of their state citizenship.


For example, a "citizen of the United States" would be a federal citizen-subject of a federal territory or possession, or a resident alien, or an immigrant while he is going through the immigration process, or has not yet been declared to be a "Citizen of the United States".  Once the immigrant either completes the naturalization process of immigration, or is declared, then the immigrant would automatically graduate to the political status of "Citizen of the United States", and would no longer be a subject of federal jurisdiction; but he could never attain the status of "natural born Citizen".  This explains the Article II wording stating that only a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption, can be President.  The "Citizen of the United States" at the time of the adoption of the Constitution is a one-time limited exception that has now expired, intended originally for those who were neither citizens of the federal territories or possessions at the time of the Adoption, nor were natural born citizens of the states at the time of the Adoption.  Rather they were those who were essentially declared to be naturalized immigrants declared to have completed immigration, or were declared due to their residency within the States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, or due to their military service in the war of 1776. 


Likewise, a 14th amendment "citizen of the United States" is a declared U.S. citizen at birth who is a federal citizen "subject", who must subject himself over time to the jurisdiction of the federal government according to the language in the 14th Amendment and statutes, and also reside within a State over time; by this they then become naturalized over time and graduate to the status of "Citizen of the United States", who are no longer subject to, or must subject themselves to, federal jurisdiction.  Therefore, a "natural born Citizen" is always automatically also a "Citizen of the United States", but the opposite is not necessarily true.  A "Citizen of the United States" may not necessarily be a "natural born Citizen".  Generally speaking, it is usually the case that there is no legal difference between a "citizen of the United States" and a "Citizen of the United States" as long as we are just talking about limited equal protection and legal rights that do not include jurisdictional issues, or natural, or legal, political rights differences.  If one includes federal subject status jurisdictional issues, and political rights issues, (both natural political rights and legal political rights), then there is a huge legal difference between these three descriptions of citizens.





This raises an important legal issue that one must be aware of.  If you go into a court of law as a "Citizen of the United States", who by definition is not a citizen "subject" of federal jurisdiction, and you then plead for your rights to be recognized under the 14th Amendment, by that you essentially waive your equal protection rights under the Constitution as a "Citizen of the United States".  This is because you are informing the court that you are a "citizen of the United States", a federal citizen "subject" of federal jurisdiction, who is seeking equal protection under the 14th Amendment like a former slave, and you are not a sovereign state citizen who is not a federal citizen "subject", who is seeking equal protection of their natural sovereign political status and rights under the Constitution prior to the 14th Amendment.  Federal citizen-subjects, or a "citizen of the United States", have no inherited natural sovereign political rights recognized as protected in the Constitution.  Their sovereign political rights are strictly artificially-proscribed, not inherited, and are a grant of an artificial legal privilege of U.S. law that is not even part of the Constitution at Article II.


This has grave implications regarding court standing and injury regarding Obama's illegitimacy, because a 14th Amendment "citizen of the United States" is identical to a federal citizen-subject of a federal territory or possession, in that neither one is entitled to a "natural born Citizen" President, as neither one of these classes of citizens can be President themselves and they have no substantive natural sovereign political rights recognized in the Constitution to be protected by the natural born Citizen clause of Article II.  The natural born Citizen clause of Article II is only meant to protect the political rights of those Citizens of the United States who are also natural born Citizens.  Only natural born Citizens have any injury to their political rights if the President is not a natural born Citizen.  Therefore, unless you plead your court case by informing the court right up front that you are a natural born Citizen, and therefore a Citizen of the United States, and not a "citizen of the United States", you will have no injury due to Obama not being a natural born Citizen, and therefore you will have no standing.


Likewise, one cannot bring a Title 42 Section 1983 case for conspiracy to deprive one of civil rights due to Obama not being a natural born Citizen, since the language in Title 42 Section 1983 is meant to protect the civil rights of 14th amendment federal citizen-subjects or "citizens of the United States".  Federal citizen-subjects such as 14th Amendment "citizens of the United States", or citizens of the federal territories or possessions, or even those "Citizens of the United States" who are not also "natural born Citizens", have no natural political sovereign rights protected by Article II requirements since they are not entitled to a natural born Citizen President. 


"Civil" rights are statutorily proscribed LEGAL rights.  Natural sovereign political rights are the rights that are meant to be protected by natural born status, and they are not "civil rights" or legal rights; they are natural rights that are just declared in the Constitution (Positive Law) to be secured and protected by the Constitution (Positive Law).  By asserting your rights to be defined by the 14th Amendment, which is what is implied by the use of Title 42 Section 1983, you are essentially informing the court that your status is not that of a "natural born Citizen", and therefore you have no injury due to Obama not being a natural born Citizen, and you automatically lack standing.  One must use Title 28, and Title 18, and the appropriate sections therein, in order to gain standing for the political right injuries that are occurring due to Obama's illegitimacy.  Title 42 does not apply and its use automatically waives any claim of an injury due to your claim of status before the court under Title 42, and therefore you will have no standing.  You might be able to use Title 42 in some limited fashion, but you will not be able to raise the fact that Obama is illegitimate as your cause of action under Title 42.


It is not enough to just realize and allege that Obama is not a lawful President; you must show the court how this fact creates a particular concrete injury that is specific to you, or to a minority of the population who are of the same class of citizens that you belong to.  This is the reason why no court cases against Obama have gained any traction and over 70 cases have been dismissed for lack of standing regarding Obama's illegitimacy.  Just examine these cases, and it can be seen that none of the pleadings in any of these 70-plus cases declare that the petitioners are natural born Citizens with substantive natural political rights, rights recognized and protected by Article II, which are being violated, and they fail to show a particular injury to themselves as a result of Obama's illegitimacy that is not a general injury to the population at large.  For example, read the Kerchner case and you will see that nowhere is it stated that CMDR Kerchner is a natural born Citizen.  In fact, it is stated that Kerchner is a "citizen of the United States", or in other words, a federal citizen-subject of federal jurisdiction -- and therefore who is not entitled to be guaranteed a natural born Citizen President!  Then people wonder why the courts dismiss these cases for lack of standing. 


In the Kerchner case, for example, the court seemingly strategically avoided dismissing for the reasons that I have just shown here, since that would have let the cat out of the bag and shown everyone how to bring a proper suit (however, it is entirely possible that the judge is not aware of the above legal reality).  Instead, the court fabricated the excuse that the probability of CMDR Kerchner being recalled to active duty was so remote that it could not be considered a real injury.  A similar tactic was used by the court in the Purpura v Sebelius case, also due in part to the fact that the Plaintiffs failed to declare themselves to be natural born Citizens and identify how they are a subset minority class, and what the particular injury is that exists to that minority class, regardless of whether or not the health care bill/law applies to them.  By failing to properly raise the substantive political right issues in a timely fashion, and specify the specific injury caused due to Obama not being a natural born Citizen President, those rights are considered waived and the court does not have to recognize them.  If the court is not bound to recognize rights that are not properly raised and pleaded, then you have no injury and no standing.  This is essentially what is happening in all of the cases against Obama so far.  Further on in this dissertation, I will endeavor to show the correct way to raise these issues, and the correct injuries to be claimed.






What about just filing a criminal complaint with the Justice Department, FBI, or presenting evidence to a Grand Jury?  Wouldn't the sheer number of criminal complaints filed make a difference to whether or not Obama is prosecuted and held accountable for his treasonous overthrow of our Constitutional Republic?  Probably not.  But why?


On the face of it, one would think that since it is such an apparent obvious fact that Obama is not a "natural born" Citizen, since he was not born to a citizen father, that one should just go to the FBI and Federal Justice Department (Federal Prosecutor) with your criminal complaint against the usurper, or present your criminal complaint and evidence to a Grand Jury yourself.  Then the government should just get an indictment from a Grand Jury, and a federal prosecutor should just arrest the usurper Obama and try him for the crimes of High Treason and other criminal fraud and racketeering charges.  It sounds good in theory, but there are very real practical issues that prevent this from being an effective approach.


First, let's say you could get a Federal Grand Jury to even take you seriously and look at your evidence.  The first thing you would probably encounter might be obstruction of justice by the prosecutor's office or sheriff's office as they try to prevent you from contacting the Grand Jury, or from presenting your evidence to them, since they falsely believe that the Grand Jury belongs to them and not to you.  Then, supposing you could overcome these obstacles, once you have presented your evidence to the jury, the grand jury must be smart enough to comprehend and believe that your evidence is true and correct, before they will even issue any criminal indictments for the prosecutor to prosecute.  This is no small task, since the jury members are all brainwashed already into believing that born in Hawaii is what is meant by "natural born".  They may just think your allegations are outrageous because everyone knows that a naturalized citizen has all of the same rights as a natural born citizen, right?  The Supreme Court has stated this and so has the news media, etc.  But let's say you were able to overcome the practical impossibility of getting the jury to understand the legal realities of "natural born" status, and by some miracle a Federal Grand Jury hands down criminal indictments against Obama for his treason.  Then, those indictments would be handed over to a federal prosecutor to prosecute, and guess what?  He would probably refuse to prosecute the case, which he legitimately can say is his right to refuse to prosecute a case he believes he cannot win. He can then just hide behind his sovereign immunity from prosecution for his declining to prosecute because he would have realized that it would be next to impossible to ever get a conviction against Obama.  Why?


In order for a prosecutor to successfully arrest, try, and convict Obama for High Treason, which is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE, there are two very important elements that must be overcome.  First, in criminal matters, the prosecutor must prove that Obama knowingly intended to commit the crime of Treason, or criminal fraud, etc.  Second, the prosecutor must convince a jury by the standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt".  These two bars would most likely be impossible for a prosecutor to overcome because Obama and his supporters in the 50 States' Secretary of State's Offices who put Obama on the ballot, the Federal Election Commission, the news media, and Congress themselves, have all helped to create the perfect crime due to lying for Obama to create perfect plausible deniability.  By all covering for each other, they will have put so much doubt into the minds of any potential jury pool, that it is very unlikely that an average prosecutor would be intelligent and knowledgeable enough to overcome all of the doubt of the jury and the plausible deniability.  I believe this is why none of the criminal complaints so far have been pursued by any federal prosecutors, and it is unlikely to be pursued no matter how many complaints are filed.  This is why they don't even want to deal with those who try to file these complaints.  They just dismiss those who file as crackpots or crazy "birthers" and, given this situation as I've just described, it is somewhat understandable why they might feel this way.


Let us take, for example, the element of intent.  First, Obama is going to have the best lawyers in the world that money can buy.  This case would be of monumental historic significance, and such unprecedented world-wide attention would be on the case that would make the coverage of the OJ Simpson trial look trivial.  His attorneys would plead that Obama is not guilty because Obama totally believes that anyone who is born in the United States can be President; and since he was born in Hawaii he must qualify, and therefore he couldn't have possibly intended to commit High Treason by overthrowing the Constitution.


So, what would be his defense on this element of intent?  First, he can point to the Federal Elections Commission and Congress who both gave him a pass leading up to the election.  Certainly if he was not qualified, those 50 States Secretaries, and State Attorney Generals, and the Federal Election Commission, and the Justice Department and FBI under President Bush, and Congress, and news media, would have said something before the election, especially since they declared McCain to be qualified and said nothing about Obama.


Their silence regarding Obama was meant to imply that there was no issue for Obama since he was born in Hawaii.  McCain was born in a foreign country, which seems to be why Congress got involved with McCain and ignored Obama, implying that the place of birth is all that matters.  Then Obama can point to the CRS memo put out by the so-called legal experts for Congress, which determined that the term "natural born Citizen" is not defined in the Constitution and means one born within the soil jurisdiction (both are lies).


If it is not defined in the Constitution (a lie) then how can Obama even know how it is defined, let alone knowingly intend to commit treason according to an undefined term?  One must first know how it is defined in order to determine if one is intentionally overthrowing a defined term.  Then he will just point to a Supreme Court case for a definition and produce quotes that state that a naturalized citizen has all the same rights as a natural born citizen. (Except the right to be President or Vice President, but the courts leave that part out because the court is talking about all the same legal rights, not natural rights, and the right to be President is an inherited right which is a natural right not a legal right.  For proof that this is the case, examine this discovery made in a Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 6th edition, 1856.  Just look under N and look up "NATURALIZED CITIZEN" and read the entry there and pay particular attention to the first sentence of point number 2.  Here is the link: )  But, the fact that the courts have said that naturalized citizens have all the same rights as natural born citizens will substantiate that he believed that it does not make any difference, hence no element of intent.


How will any jury believe that he intended to commit treason when the courts say it does not matter if you are naturalized or natural born?  It would take a federal prosecutor who has all of the understanding of a natural law philosophy scholar, history professor, political science professor, and a constitutional analyst to overcome the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt, and, frankly, I don't think there is a prosecutor in the entire country who understands enough about Natural Law and Positive Law, and the theory of our Constitutional Republic form of government, the philosophy and history behind the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the subject of sovereignty, in order that they would be up to the immense task of teaching and convincing a jury.  Heck, Jedi Pauly can't even get Unity Theorists to understand and accept that the place of birth has no bearing whatsoever on "natural born" in the context of Article II, and those are already convinced that Obama is not legitimate.  Imagine how difficult it would be to convince those who believe Obama is legitimate, that the place of birth has no relevancy to Article II natural born status and therefore Obama is not constitutionally qualified.  That is why I don't think you will ever get a federal prosecutor or Grand Jury to indict Obama and prosecute him, no matter how many criminal complaints are filed.


I am not discouraging anyone from filing a criminal complaint however, because who knows, it might have a political effect.  I am just arguing that if you want to engage the enemy in a battle, then the enemy must be forced to engage with you.  If the enemy can simply evade any engagement, which is the case with a criminal complaint filed with a federal prosecutor or FBI, then you can never win a battle that does not happen.  In order to have any chance at all of winning the war against tyranny and corruption, one must engage in battles where the enemy is forced to do combat with you and lose, and cannot simply evade.  This is why I refuse to file a criminal complaint myself, and I prefer a legal suit strategy that forces the defendants into a court of law where they are compelled to engage in a battle with you.  To that end, I will now outline a strategy that theoretically should force the government into your combat arena, and force them to engage in a losing battle with you, that potentially can remove Obama from Office and prevent him from being on the ballot in the next election.








Remember way back around the time of 1776 and the complaint of "taxation without representation"?  This was the major injury being suffered by a minority of the King's subjects, that led to the Colonies rebelling and waging war with England and the King in order to free themselves from involuntary servitude, which is slavery.   How is our current predicament any different?  It is not.  A minority of the population of the U.S. citizenry is suffering the same injury under Obama today; yet not one case in the courts so far in over two years, in almost 100 cases, has even bothered to raise this issue or had the awareness to sue the correct injuring parties for this assault and injury to one's freedom and liberty.




Here is the reality.  If you meet these three criteria below, then you are a subset political class of U.S. citizens that are in the minority, who have a particular concrete injury affecting only a minority of the population and not everyone who is a citizen.  A suit can be brought by an individual who meets the criteria below, or it can be a class action, since the criteria below identifies a particular "class" of citizens that are all similarly injured.


1) You did not vote for Obama, or you voted believing he was constitutionally-qualified, only to discover later that he was not a natural born Citizen and so you were defrauded in an unlawful election.


2) You are a natural born Citizen yourself, meaning you were either born to a U.S. citizen father or citizen parents, plural, either will do.


3) You are a taxpayer.  This is essential to show how you are particularly injured by Obama not being a natural born Citizen (taxation without representation which is involuntary servitude, outlawed by the 13th Amendment and by most State constitutions, and illegal by the 5th Amendment)


If you can meet the above three criteria then you have automatic standing in the courts.  Here are the particulars of the injuries you are suffering.





The natural born Citizen clause of Article II is supposed to ensure that the President is born as a natural sovereign representative of the People, so that he is a member of the same political class at birth as the number one political class, which is those who have both the right to representation in Congress and the right to be President; in other words, only other natural born Citizens.  This is to secure the natural sovereignty of the Nation by guaranteeing that the only person authorized to give his consent on your behalf, to the laws (bills from Congress that he signs), is a person from your political class, which is a natural non-privileged inherited class, so that we will not be ruled over by an artificially-inherited privileged class of nobility like we were before 1776.


If naturalized citizens can be President, then the situation is that they are born into a privileged class that is an artificial privilege of sovereignty that is bestowed by Congress with statutory authority.  If Congress can bestow artificial sovereignty with a statute, and those individuals can be President and give their consent on behalf of the superior non-privileged class at birth (all men are created equal), then we are not a country but a world government, because any foreign father can just bring his pregnant wife to America and give birth on the soil and take over the government.  A foreign Muslim King from Arabia can just bring his wife to America, or even have an entire harem of American citizen mothers, to give birth on our soil, and his son will be a foreign royal prince or king with a title of nobility who can also be President!


Since Obama is not lawfully qualified by the Constitution, he cannot represent your political class of those of you born to citizen fathers.  The entire point of Article II is that your consent to the laws will be obtained by the government, by you electing a representative from your political class who is then authorized by the Constitution (Article II nbC) to make laws on your behalf.  Since no consent to any laws has lawfully been obtained for this subset political class, any demand put upon your labor (taxes) to pay for invalid laws to provide benefits for others, where no consent has been obtained from you, is, by definition, involuntary servitude (slavery) or TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.  This is a loss of your natural political LIBERTY or political rights and rights to the fruits of your labor.


Furthermore, since both the State and Federal government have abandoned their responsibility under the Constitution and laws of the land to protect your sovereign political rights and the fruits of your labor from being taken from you without due process of law, the 10th Amendment kicks in and you now have the duty and right to take matters into your own hands in order to protect your rights from being unlawfully taken from you.  This means that you cannot, and must not pay your taxes.  Why not?




If you voluntarily cooperate with the usurper Congress and President by cooperating with the IRS, then you are voluntarily waiving your claims of the injury of being subject to taxation without representation, and, in effect, you are saying that Obama can represent you.  Thus you yourself ultimately become responsible for failing to enforce the Constitution and Article II to secure your own rights, which is now your duty and responsibility under the 10th Amendment when the government abandons their duty and responsibility to enforce the Constitution and laws to secure your rights.  If you now voluntarily pay your taxes, you voluntarily throw away your own political freedom and rights and become a voluntary slave to a dictator government and are guilty of supporting tyranny against your fellow Americans, making you a traitor to them.  You cannot claim an injury due to Obama's illegitimacy, and you have no one to blame but yourself.  You rightfully earn the wrath and hatred of your fellow American citizens, to say nothing of those who have fought and died for these freedoms that you are so willing to just throw away.  You will be viewed by others as a contemptible loyalist.


But by withholding your taxes in order to secure your sovereign political rights, in order to prevent yourself from being placed into involuntary servitude, you now are going to be penalized by the IRS and potentially put in jail and lose your physical liberty just for asserting your lawful sovereign political authority that you have the right to assert now under the 10th Amendment, and that you have no choice but to assert in order to prevent your enslavement.  This condition has been foisted unlawfully upon you by Obama, the Congress, the Justice Department, the Federal Elections Commission, and the 50 States' Secretaries who put Obama on the ballot in the federal election, and it is not your fault or due to your actions.  You have been injured and placed in this jeopardy by their self-serving fraudulent actions.


Then, your sovereign political rights, consent to the laws, right to representation, right to the fruits of your labor, and right to your physical liberty, is all taken from you unlawfully by the IRS's demand that you pay taxes (provide labor) to a non-representative government that cannot lawfully obtain your consent as long as the President is not a natural born Citizen capable of lawfully representing your political class, as is guaranteed by Article II and the 10th Amendment.


These are the particular specific concrete injuries that are being suffered by the minority political class of U.S. citizens that we have identified above.  This grants standing and the courts cannot argue against this with any valid reasoning or laws.





1) Loss of your constitutionally-recognized and protected sovereign political status under the law.


2) Loss of your right of consent to the laws.


3) Loss of the guaranteed Republic form of government.


4) Loss of the right of due process of law.


5) Loss of the right to the fruits of your labor.


6) Loss of your voting rights to a lawful election with valid representatives.


7) Potential loss to your physical liberty if you assert your sovereign rights under the tenth Amendment to prevent your enslavement by withholding your taxes, so that you will not be subject to taxation without representation, which is slavery.


8) Violation of your rights to be free of slavery under 13th Amendment and State laws.


9) Violation of your equal protection rights due to an election where some classes of citizens have a representative President to vote for, and other classes who are entitled to a representative President are denied a valid representative.  This scheme permits those who are born with artificial sovereign political rights bestowed as a privileged class at birth to enslave, via an election, the superior and prior non-privileged inherited class at birth, contrary to the 13th Amendment.







At the minimum:


1) The IRS

2) The Justice Department

3) The Federal Elections Commission


Subjects 2 and 3 directly above have worked in concert along with the News Media (might be a defendant), Congress (Immune from suit), the 50 State Secretaries of State and State Attorney Generals (Both immune from suit), the Democrat Parties (might be defendant).  These parties and defendants have all worked together to empower the IRS to cause all of the injuries listed above.  It is the IRS that is the agency that provides the avenue for all of the injuries that are occurring.  It is the IRS and their collection of taxes upon the subset political class that attaches the injury, amounting to the rubber-hitting-the-road with respect to the actual mechanism that actualizes the tyranny and loss of your rights due to the criminally-negligent abandonment of the Constitution and Rule of Law.





The above injuries allow one to seek these remedies:


1) Temporary Restraining Order against the IRS to prevent them from enforcing the collection of taxes from the above minority political class that you are a member of, until such time as the matter before the court is adjudicated based on the likelihood that you will prevail in court, which is a guaranteed forgone conclusion as a matter of law, and Obama is removed from Office.


2) Declaratory Judgment striking down all laws, executive orders, and appointments, passed by Obama and the Congress since his taking office in the 2008 election, so that no demand for taxes or borrowing by the government will result from the illegitimate Congress and President.


3) Court Order to remove all judges and executive branch officers appointed by Obama.


4) Declaratory Judgment finding the past and future elections to be invalid regarding Obama, and a Court Order prohibiting Obama from being on any ballot in the upcoming federal election in 2012, or any future elections for President.


5) Judgment for court costs and expenses and any money damages resulting from the injuries listed above.


6)  Compensatory damages for emotional stress, aggravation, loss of sleep, etc., caused due to the insults and humiliation suffered for personal attacks against your person and damage to your name and reputation by those who label you a "birther", crazy, etc. Or, loss of relationships with friends, relatives, and with those in society in general, who disagree and support Obama against you, that would not have happened if it were not for his fraud and the fraud being committed by many to keep the dictator in power.  Many people have suffered quite a lot in their reputation and relationships, and become pariahs to common society, due to the fraudulent acts of Obama and the listed defendants.  I can testify that my ability to concentrate and do my artwork and earn a living has been severely affected, because every day I live in fear and worry as I watch my country being transformed into a slave gulag like Hitler's Germany.  I have suffered financial loss in my work income as a result of Obama's treason.  I haven't slept restfully for over 2 years and I have nightmares that someone will pound on my door and put me in jail because I refuse to obey invalid laws passed by an invalid Congress and unlawful criminal President, Judiciary, and Justice Department etc. 


When the census came around, I had great emotional stress waiting for that knock on the door when I knew I was going to have a confrontation with government by refusing to cooperate and answer any questions so I would not be guilty of treason against my fellow American citizens nor waive my political rights and cooperate with a treasonous government.  I had to live in fear that I would be prosecuted for failing to comply with the census because I know there is no lawful representative government, and the census is all about representation, and under this so-called government it is now a fraud.  I refuse to cooperate with fraud.  Next, it will be forced compliance with health care or face fines and jail, and it is not even a valid law to be obeyed.  I am already suffering emotionally with worry and fear knowing that the government is going to try to force me against my will to obey an invalid statute signed by a non-representative President and Congress who have not lawfully obtained my consent to any laws.  What other invalid laws are going to put me in jeopardy?  When will this nightmare end?


7) Punitive damages for the egregious gross negligence and incompetence amounting to criminal negligence by people who are so educationally-deficient and self-serving that they cannot read "natural born" Citizen in the Constitution and understand that this means naturally inherited, thus created by biological birth to citizen parents plural, or at the very least a citizen father, according to world-wide common customs at the time of the Adoption, according to Natural Law.  And that the place of birth is a function of Positive Law which only produces "naturalized" citizens and has nothing at all to do with Article II qualifications for President, which is why the place of birth is irrelevant and not sufficient.





All of the same offenses that were suffered by our Colonial forefathers back in the times around 1776 are occurring once again to American U.S. citizens.  History is repeating itself, and the political and legal condition of U.S. citizens is now identical in every way to what our Colonial forefathers suffered. The government is behaving like an elite privileged class of nobility lording over the people, ignoring the sovereign political rights and freedoms of the People that Nature guarantees to all mankind, and is meant to be secured to the People by the Constitutional provisions like the Article II nbC clause, and the 10th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 13th Amendment, the gold and silver money requirements of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5, and Article 1 Section 10, Clause 1, which were meant to provide us with money that is a natural right to use as a medium of exchange so that we do not invite government jurisdiction onto us for using private corporate fiat currency as a "legal tender" or a legal right, for the extinguishing of debts, that cannot actually pay a debt but just pushes us further into debt and involuntary servitude, enslaving us and future generations forever.


By ignoring Article II nbC provisions, the government has become identical to King George, refusing to recognize the natural equal sovereign authority of mankind, and the government has become the master over you, and rules over you like you are a slave or citizen "subject" of their authority and jurisdiction, rather than serving us as our servant, subject to our authority and subordinate to our authority. 


The courts refuse to recognize the sovereign political status of petitioners and decree that U.S. citizens have no standing in the King's courts.  The Congress is non-representative and incapable of making any valid laws, abandoning its legitimacy by empowering Obama to remain in Office, thereby creating invalid laws that make unlawful demands upon our labor to provide privileges and benefits for foreign powers and themselves, without our consent, all the while refusing to concede to the laws that we the People want and desire for our own benefit and well being.  They fundamentally rob us of our Republican form of governance, subjecting us to the tyranny of a dictatorship that looks more like a royal form of communism than a Republic of sovereign citizens ruled by laws and not men.


They wage war upon the American People by involving us in illegal foreign wars and false flag attacks like 9/11, killing thousands of innocent American citizens to engage us in phony occupations of other peoples' countries in order to covet their natural resources (oil) to perpetuate a criminal military industrial complex that already has alternative technology that they keep secret from the American People that would render oil and the need for war to be obsolete.  It just goes on and on.


All of these offenses occurred once before back in Colonial times, and all of the offenses came to happen through the crux of taxation without representation.  That is how these offenses against the sovereign rights of the people occur.  This is the avenue and vehicle of how the government's arrogance and unlawful lordship is applied as an injury.  It was the same in 1776 as it is today.  This is where the rubber hits the road, is through taxation without representation.  Therefore, withholding your taxes and suing the IRS is the only way to fight back and secure your liberty and your political rights, and reverse the relationship regarding who is the master and who is the slave.  This is the only way to gain any standing in any U.S. court to address the real and tangible injuries that affect only a subset of the population at large.  This is the only lawful power that any sovereign citizen has to peaceably hold government accountable and force Obama's removal from Office, since the only other authority that is empowered to peaceably remove Obama is Congress and they do not seem interested in exercising their responsibility.  This is the only suit that will hit the government where it hurts and force them to engage you in combat in a fight that they cannot win.  Therefore, that duty falls upon the natural born Citizen taxpayer.  Any other lawsuit will fail for lack of standing and for failing to declare any tangible injury that is not general to the entire population.  If you do not declare your status before the court as being a natural born Citizen, so that you will have an injury due to Obama not being a natural born Citizen, and declare your injury to be taxation without representation, then there is no way you will ever get any case to get any traction in court.  Virtually every case so far against Obama has been thrown out for lack of standing for no proper injury, because not one of them has attempted what I have described here in this dissertation.  This is the only legal strategy that has any chance at gaining standing and removing Obama via the courts that ordinary citizens can accomplish.  Other than this, only Congress can remove Obama peaceably.  If you are serious about getting rid of Obama and restoring the rule of law, then you must either file your own case as outlined above or file a class action case as outlined above.


Jedi Pauly

Natural Law Scholar and Constitutional Analyst





If you are serious about preventing a future Obama dictatorship, and getting rid of him and the damage he has done already to your freedoms and finances, then join with me to implement the above plan.  Join the real revolution!


Paul Guthrie

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