Will the Real Tea Party Revolutionaries Please Stand Up?

July 13, 2011
Will the Real Tea Party Revolutionaries Please Stand Up?



Jedi Pauly



Way back in Colonial times, our Colonial forefathers were subject to a non- representative monarchy form of government that made laws without the consent of the governed Colonials. That British Government in those times, created a political condition of involuntary servitude owed to the government by the American People or citizen "subjects" (those subject to the soil jurisdiction) of the King and his Parliament in England.  This condition of involuntary servitude to the King and his Parliament was called "taxation without representation", because the King and his Parliament in England would pass laws without the consent of the Colonists. The Colonists were not represented by the government because the Colonists did not elect the Parliament.  The Parliament represented the King's and State's interests and not the political interests or political rights of the Colonials.  The laws that were passed would then place a demand for taxation upon the Colonials in order to pay for the laws that were passed without their consent.  This was the essence of political involuntary servitude.


Involuntary servitude is the essence of slavery.  The political condition of taxation without representation is defined as political slavery.  It is the opposite of political Liberty (FREEDOM), which is a natural political right.  This condition of political slavery was considered so egregious that it caused the Declaration of Independence and a War with England, in order that the Sovereign People of the American Colonies could secure to themselves a government that would preserve and protect their natural sovereign political rights to be politically free.  That was the entire reason declared in the Declaration of Independence as to why we separated from England and created our own government in the first place, which was to secure our natural political Liberty (FREEDOM).  Americans have now lost their political freedom and are now subject to taxation without representation or political slavery once again.


The election of Obama in a fraudulent election and his maintenance in Office by Congress represents the willful voluntary abandonment of consensual representative government and the rule of law.  Obama is clearly not a lawful sovereign representative of the sovereign People since he is not a "natural born Citizen".  He is by definition a NATURALIZED or government-created citizen, and not one who is created via natural birth inheritance from a citizen father.  Therefore, he cannot make Bills from Congress into laws with his signature.  He cannot give his consent to the Bills from Congress on behalf of those of us who are born to citizen fathers.  Obama does not represent all of the People because he cannot legally represent those born to citizen fathers who are a special non-privileged political class.


Obama represents a minority ruling class of privilege, just like a King in Colonial times, who has been granted the "privilege" of sovereign political authority by other humans (voters), and by the Congress, that he was not born with and he did not inherit naturally at birth from a citizen father, as required by the expression "natural born".   Neither the voters nor the government can legally or physically endow Obama with natural sovereign political authority by voting for him or maintaining him in Office via some statutory authority (soil birth for example).  By definition, other humans besides your parents can only bestow artificial sovereign political authority upon another human being.  It is only your parents that can create you to be endowed naturally with natural political rights, and Article II requires one to be endowed with natural sovereign political authority, not artificial sovereign political authority.  As a result, no lawful consent of the People has been obtained by Congress for any Bills passed by the Congress or signed by Obama.  Thus, any demand for taxes to pay for laws, where no consent has been obtained for those laws, constitutes taxation without representation and is involuntary servitude or slavery identical to the conditions in the Colonies prior to 1776.


Congress cannot bypass the President and render the Executive Branch null and void with a simple election, but that is what they are doing.  Congress cannot legally represent anyone because they maintain an unlawful government that has been illegally changed by a political vote for the Office of President, rather than by a Constitutional Amendment process.  It matters not whether Obama signs any Bills, because if he signs, then the law is invalid since he is not constitutionally authorized to give his consent, being born to a foreign father, and if he does not sign but vetoes, then the Congress cannot legally override that veto either because Obama is not authorized to veto a Bill from Congress, again because he was not born to a citizen father.  Therefore, the entire Congress is now incapable of obtaining any consent of the People for anything they do, which means that we now have a non-representative dictatorial government and taxation without representation, which is political involuntary servitude or slavery.


The above analysis shows us that the enforcement of the entire tax system is now unconstitutional as long as the Congress maintains Obama in the Office of President.  Any demand on the compensation for your labor to pay taxes to pay for supposed laws, where no consent has been obtained for those laws, is a criminal act and contrary to the laws of the U.S. and Constitution.  In effect, the government has abandoned the protection of your natural sovereign political rights to a representative government based on your consent, and placed the burden upon the individual to secure for himself his natural political rights by refusing to pay taxes.  This means that by voluntarily paying your taxes to the government under the false President, you are also waiving your natural political right to a representative government and therefore cooperating with your own enslavement and loss of your sovereign political status.  Now, you can only protect your political rights by refusing to pay your taxes, since the government has abandoned their duty to protect your political rights.  The government has placed the citizen in a position of being forced to secure his political rights by refusing to pay his taxes, or else pay his taxes and live with the reality of being subject to taxation without representation and voluntarily abandon his claim to Constitutional protections of natural sovereign political rights.  This Hobson's choice that has been created by government's own actions creates a violent unlawful dictatorship that renders tax enforcement to be unconstitutional.  All it would take is one brave taxpayer to refuse to pay their taxes in order to secure their political rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution in Article II, and are being violated by the fact that Obama is not a legitimate President, to force Congress to remove Obama and put in a President who was born to a citizen father.  This would restore the enforcement of taxes as Constitutional with regard to the taxes not being taxation without representation.


This brings us to the Tea Parties.  The entire point supposedly of the so called "tea parties" is that they are fed up with the taxes and debt and corruption in government.  The tea party members must be willing to raise the issue that Obama is not a lawful representative of the People and that as a result, Congress is no longer able to obtain the consent of the People to create any laws, therefore any taxes to pay for these invalid laws represents taxation without representation, forcing the People to refuse to pay their taxes in order to secure their political rights.  This is not a tax protest but rather an unlawful legal condition created by government that forces the people to take matters into their own hands, or else they will lose their political rights that the government has unlawfully stripped by its own actions.  The government has created this situation; it is not the fault of the person who now must refuse to pay his taxes in order to secure his political rights.  Congress has abandoned the protection of the taxpayer's political rights by conducting an unlawful election and maintaining a legally-unqualified usurper as the President.  The taxpayer now has no choice but to refuse to pay his taxes in order to secure his political rights.  Unless people are willing to stand up en masse and make these arguments, and challenge the government to prove that it still has the lawful authority to enforce the tax laws when there is no valid "natural born Citizen" President, then the so-called "tea parties" are just a joke.


This brings us to the legal issues of injury and standing, and how to bring a Title 42 suit for a conspiracy to deprive you of your constitutionally-protected natural political rights of sovereignty.  The Constitution and First Amendment right of petition, and your status as a sovereign citizen who is seeking enforcement of that status under the 10th and 5th Amendments, gives you standing, which is supported by the recent Supreme Court Bond case ruling, as well as the entirety of U.S. legal precedents.  I have just outlined the injury, of you being now placed in a position of refusing to pay your taxes and face jail, in order to secure your political rights and condition so that you are not subject to taxation without representation.  Or suffer the alternative of you being obliged to pay your taxes, and involuntarily abandon the protection, privileges, and immunities of the Constitution that are supposed to protect your political rights, and thus subject yourself to political involuntary servitude.  Either way you are injured unlawfully and robbed of your liberty (physical and political liberty) by the actions of others, who have placed you into this position by their actions, not yours.  This condition is not your creation, but is due to the unlawful criminal racketeering actions of Obama, the Congress, DOJ, Secretary of States, and others.  One could bring such a case and easily show a conspiracy and cover-up to maintain Obama in power at the expense of your political rights as just outlined.  The injury is specific and limited to a subset of the citizens (those born to citizen fathers).


The remedy is obvious.  First a temporary restraining order to stop the enforcement of the IRS tax code and collections, while the matter is adjudicated and Obama is removed from Office and replaced with a lawful representative "natural born Citizen".  Also, an order to prevent Obama from being on any future election ballots for President.  Further, an order declaring any and all laws, rules etc., that have been implemented by Obama to be null and void.  This should take care of any standing issues and injury issues.  If the government cannot legally collect taxes, then the government will be forced to remove Obama, in order to restore a representative government and its ability to collect taxes without violating your political rights in the process.  If the government will not voluntarily remove Obama, then a Judge must appoint a Special Prosecutor from We the People, with the power to issue arrest warrants for trial and grant the authority to arrest Obama and anyone who aids and abets his maintenance in Office.