Natural Born Citizen and Natural Law: Positive Law, Natural Law, and Natural Rights

September 28, 2010


 Jedi Pauly

I just wanted to teach everyone the true meaning of ‘natural born Citizen’ because I am astounded at the level of incompetence and ignorance that exists surrounding this issue.

First, let me say that the term ‘natural born Citizen’ from Article II is NOT an undefined legal term.  It is perfectly self-evident and defined within the context of Article II and the Declaration of Independence, Natural Law, and the opposite which is Positive Law, and the term just means exactly what it says.

Second, it most definitely DOES NOT require both parents to be citizens, or for the person to be born on U.S. soil, because ‘natural born Citizen’ has absolutely nothing to do with your mom or soil jurisdiction.

Third, the purpose and intent of Article II ‘natural born Citizen’ is to preserve our Constitutional Republic form of government to be under NATURAL LAW by protecting our sovereignty from foreign royalty so that we will not become a MONARCHY form of government like England or Europe, which is what the founders feared most and were trying to separate themselves from.

It is declared in the Declaration of Independence that it is a SELF-EVIDENT TRUTH that all MEN are CREATED equal and that governments are instituted among MEN.  The Declaration of Independence is not talking about women’s political rights!  Women are not the source of sovereign political authority, MEN are.  What is being declared is that in nature, under Natural Law, that all men INHERIT a SOVEREIGN POLITICAL AUTHORITY EQUAL TO A KING as a natural inalienable right and it is not just for the privileged few families of royalty that existed in Europe at the time, and still exists today.  The Declaration specifically lists LIBERTY as one of the inherited inalienable natural rights.  Liberty is just a fancy way of saying that one possesses a sovereign political authority.  The person with the most liberty (freedom) is the king who is a sovereign authority.  Under Natural Law, sovereign political authority is inherited from males, not females or soil.  Women do not have natural political sovereignty.  That is why we have to have a 19th Amendment to the Constitution in order to extend the legal PRIVILEGE of Positive Law to extend political rights (voting rights) to women.  Men and women’s political rights are not equal under natural law due to a man’s natural superiority in physical strength.  It is a self-evident truth that men fight the wars and defend the tribe, and negotiate the peace, and institute governments, and make and enforce the rules.  Men do this as a function on nature, not women.  The political authority of any clan is passed on with the surname inherited from the father.  Even a queen can not be queen without a statutory law (privilege) put in place from the males from whom her authority comes from (her father because there are no male heirs).

Natural Law gives one Natural Rights which is an endowment from Nature or the Creator depending on your religious point of view.  Even an atheist can accept Natural Law because the Laws of Nature (Declaration of Independence) are a scientific objective subject that one can just observe and realize independent of a Creator or God concept.  The legal opposite of Natural Law is called Positive Law.  The term Positive Law comes from the Latin root ‘posit’ which means that which is declared and agreed to.  Positive Law is statutory man made law that gives you ‘Legal Rights’ which are PRIVILEGES of government and they are the opposite of Natural Rights which are NOT privileges.

Now, let us examine the self-evident meaning of Article II ‘natural born Citizen’ and prove that it is not an undefined legal term.  First, just look at the part ‘natural born’.  This is meant to convey that we are talking about being CREATED under Natural Law and not the opposite which is Positive Law legal privileges.  This eliminates soil jurisdiction from any consideration because you only get legal privileges from soil jurisdiction.  Soil does not give you natural inherited inalienable rights.  Next, and here is what everyone is missing, let us apply the simple rules of English grammar to ‘Citizen’ and notice that ‘Citizen’ is capitalized.  The word citizen is a noun, and when you capitalize a noun in a sentence that makes the noun a PROPER noun.  A proper noun means a specific instance or special TYPE of citizen.  What special TYPE is being referred to?  The answer is they are referring to a SOVEREIGN U.S. Citizen.  You can not have a sovereign nation if there are no sovereign citizens.  Furthermore, you can not have any sovereign citizens without sovereign fathers to create them!  A sovereign citizen is one who inherits a sovereign political authority as a natural inalienable right as declared in the Declaration of Independence.  Since you only inherit a sovereign political authority from males under natural law, this eliminates your mom from consideration since she is a female and you only get ‘legal privileges’ from positive law due to your mom, not the natural inherited political sovereign authority which only comes from males.  Simply put, ‘natural born Citizen’ just means that one must INHERIT their right to be President from their citizen father as a natural right and not a legal privilege, and we have just proven that your mom and soil jurisdiction are irrelevant and that ‘natural born Citizen’ is perfectly defined within the context of Article II, Natural Law, Positive Law and the Declaration of Independence.

Now let’s examine from the point of view of the purpose and intent of Article II ‘natural born Citizen’, which is to prevent a monarchy form of government and protect U.S. sovereignty from foreign royalty, in order that we may further prove that soil jurisdiction and your mom are totally irrelevant.  Let’s suppose for a moment that you could somehow inherit a sovereign political authority from just the soil or your mom.  Then any foreign king could impregnate an American woman or have his child born on U.S. soil and that child could qualify for President due to an inherited sovereign political authority from mom or the soil, and at the same time would be a prince or king of a foreign country inherited as a sovereign political right from his foreign royal father.  Oops!  There goes the Republic!  Now you have foreign royalty in power and you have a monarchy again.  Clearly the founders prevented this by realizing that you only get legal privileges of positive law from your mom or soil jurisdiction and if you are created (natural born) by a citizen father from whom you inherit a sovereign political authority from (all MEN are created equal) then this would protect American sovereignty from foreign royal influence.  I have settled the issue.  The term ‘natural born Citizen’ just means inherited from a citizen father.  Mom and soil are irrelevant.  Obama is not qualified because he was not created by a U.S. citizen father.

Here endeth the lesson!