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The true definition and meaning of "natural born Citizen". This video explains how Obama is a dictator king and not a President because he is not the offspring of a U.S. citizen father who claimed him. This video explains how the term "natural born Citizen" describes a natural political condition, not a legal privilege of citizenship that is bestowed, and how the Constitution of the United States was overthrown and the government of the People replaced with a dictatorship government in 2009 and 2013.

I have been to the U.S. federal court twice now and have encountered nothing but criminal religious political activity. Here is the proof, what I tried to show the stupid judges who are engaged in the practice of religion, not law. They totally ignored my evidence and pleadings and falsely declared me to be a criminal outlaw of the U.S. and Obama to be a President, so they could illegally deny my due process rights and dismiss my case without addressing the merits, thus maintaining a dictator king and religious monarchy government in place, contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

I am now subject to summary execution by King Obama who has claimed the power and authority to personally order the execution without trial or due process of any American citizen who is labeled as an enemy of the United States, which I have been so labeled by the Federal courts by default via their bogus religious opinion rulings. I became an enemy, apparently, for trying to use the courts to secure my Constitutional protected right to a natural born Citizen President so that I will not be living under political slavery to a monarchy form of government of no consent, a natural political right that is supposed to be recognized and protected by Article II of the U.S. Constitution. I now live under the reign of terror of King Obama and the criminal fraudulent federal court system and fraudulent criminal U.S. government.

Paul Guthrie
July 24, 2013

For more information read Guthrie v. United States and the analysis of judge Barker's ruling, below.



To any U.S. Federal or State government employee, Representative, active duty Police or Military person, Federal Judge or State Judge, or Attorney:

This letter serves to put you on legal notice that you now have certain fiduciary responsibilities to perform if you wish to avoid criminal and civil prosecution.  Due to extreme gross negligence and extreme gross lawlessness on the part of Obama and the Congress, you are now in danger of facing an angry public without your governmental immunity intact.  This has happened to you as a result of a criminal cover-up by the Obama administration and his crony criminal judges in the Seventh Judicial Circuit which has prevented you from receiving vital knowledge and information which you are entitled to, information that is being purposefully withheld from you for evil purposes.

For the first time in U.S. history, the correct meaning and definition of Article II "natural born Citizen" has been entered into the Court records in the Seventh Judicial Circuit in Indianapolis. [See the case Guthrie v. United States, both cases 1:13 -cv- 0080 JMS-DKL and 1:13 -cv- 0234 SEB-DKL].  You are hereby PUT ON NOTICE that Obama is not an Article II natural born Citizen of the United States and he does not qualify for the Office of President.

 >>> continued >>>April 4, 2014


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